Monday, April 13, 2015

Fall Colors!

Hows it going everybody?

It’s getting a little colder, but still some days I sweat like a pig. I like it here because they still have seasons in Argentina. There is a park in the center of Alejandro Korn, and all the trees are that golden fall color which is really nice.

My new companion is great. He likes to cook, which I like, and he works really hard, which I like as well. We will get a lot of work done this transfer. We run every morning. We don’t go very fast, but its something so I am happy and grateful.

We had a very successful week in Alejandro Korn! While we have been dropping a lot of investigators due to their lack of progression, we have also been able to find many new ones to teach. Including a big family that we were able to contact on Thursday. There is also a young couple, and a cousin of a member who was just passing by one day.  We were also able to talk with Sebastian again and get him going. He needs just a push, and he will be a very good member. But its just that little push that he lacks right now.

I love teaching the first missionary lesson, and I think it’s my favorite one by far. It’s when we teach about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which includes Prophets, Christ´s Church, the Great Apostasy, and the First Vision. It’s really cool to be able to testify of the Book of Mormon everyday. It’s probably one of the best parts of my calling that I enjoy.

We taught the Restoration a lot this week, that´s why its been on my mind. We were also able to see Gabriel´s confirmation this week in church. After the meeting I asked him how he felt, and we was just smiling. He said that he felt like Superman. That made me laugh but it also helped me understand the role that the Holy Ghost plays in my life. While it doesn't exactly make me physically like Superman, it’s a quiet gift that has taught me, guided me, and blessed me many times since my conversion. I am grateful to have the gift of the Holy Ghost in my life, especially now more than ever.

I think that Allie is doing fantastic with her running for this early in the season. Honestly, she only has about 4 more meets before State, so she is exactly where she wants to be. I hope she does well at the KU relays this week.

Megan told me a bit about her job & it sounds pretty Epic! hehehehe (Megan got a job with Epic software in Madison, WI).  I know nothing about Madison, but I bet it will be a fun adventure with lots of Cheese and stuff that Wisconsin has. That will be a lot of fun for her, and now she can see what her future has in store for her.

I´m doing really well. I'm getting excited to come home but it really doesn't seem like I am that close to finishing. I don't think I truly understand what's actually going to happen when I finish things up these next few weeks. Being a missionary is just part of my life right now. I am okay, and happy, and working hard.

Thanks for all of the support and love, I love you guys and hope that you have a great week!

Elder Chipman

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