Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Celebrating Pioneer Day

JUlY 26, 14
How’s it going?                                                                                  

It’s been another good week on the mission. A cold front is hitting Buenos Aires right now, but its still not super cold. I don’t think it ever gets super cold here, but then again, I’m in the offices for the majority of the day, so I shouldn’t be one to talk.

Monday is transfers and my companion Elder Mason is leaving the offices, and I’m getting a new companion! His name is Elder Evans, and we were companions before in the MTC! I’m really excited and I think it will be a lot of fun because I already know I’m going to get along with my next companion. I’m staying in the office for at least another transfer.

As far as proselyting goes, it was pretty slow this week because we had a lot to do with transfers, and we have an activity tonight to celebrate Pioneer day, and so we did a lot of planning with that. With the time we did have though, we were able to visit the Bustamante family again this week. They are continuing to progress and move towards their goal of entering the temple. Every week it’s a great blessing to teach them because they are a living example of the Atonement. Every time we visit they just seem happier and there is just more life in their faces. They are truly coming to Christ, and it’s a blessing to be able to witness that.

We have an activity tonight and it should be fun. My companion and I made a really big Buffalo out of cardboard and hangers, I’ll send some pictures afterwards. I’m happy with it! We are going to be playing some pioneer games and then watching 17 miracles as a ward. Afterwards, there is a Ward Baptism, and so it should be a fun but busy day. Not much of a Pday, but we’ll get some time in!
My Comp and I made the animals for the game

The classic "Stick Pull Game"

They had to "push their handcarts"

Bean Bag Hunting for animals

It sounds like New York is a party! Wow what a cool trip! Being in the middle of China Town probably helps you understand what I first felt like coming to Argentina. You just kinda stand out like a sore thumb! If you find a place that sells empanadas, get them because they are probably my favorite food down here, and if there is a place to find them, New York would be the place!

Other than that, its been a pretty normal week! I know the Savior lives and loves each of us. All we have to do is come unto him!

Have a good week everybody!


Elder Chipman

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Too bad Argentina lost the World Cup!

 Hola! ¿Como Andan?                                                July 19, 2014

It’s been another great week in Adrogué, Argentina!

The world cup was fun, but it would’ve been more fun if Argentina won. It is pretty hard to describe what happened. There was nobody in the streets, and so it was probably the quietest I’ve ever seen this city. We were confined to the pension for the night, so the only way we could figure out what was happening was by listening to fireworks and screams of the people--which really didn’t help us much. When the game ended and it continued to be silent, we realized that Argentina lost. Apparently they had a goal in regulation, but they were about half a step off sides so they waived it off. Then Germany scored with about 8 minutes left in overtime, and that just about ended it.

The people are taking it really well, except for some crazies that went crazy in downtown Buenos Aires and robbed a bunch of stores. But I have a feeling that they would’ve done that whether they won or lost. People are still moving, but with a cloud over their heads. They seemed to have accepted second, but they still are dwelling in the ´What if´ mode. As for me, I’m happy I got to enjoy it for so long and that I can say that I was in Argentina when they played in the final!

The World Cup has made me realize the power that sports have on the world. For me, the World Cup has changed how people see my ethnicity. For my entire mission to this point, everyone always knew that I’m from the United States. I really stand out like a black sheep around here. But this week that changed and now everyone thinks that I am German. Even members call me German..... So I think I will be considered German for the next few months.
We made Cinnamon Rolls  and Pizza on Game Day!

We made a little too much!

As far as the work goes, we are still making a lot of progress with the Bustamante family. They went to church again on Sunday even though it was game day, and we were able to meet with them 3 times this week! Every time we visit they seem really excited to learn more about the gospel, and more ready to enter the temple.  We don`t really have a lot of people to teach and it is difficult to find people. The church has been in the area for a really long time and it seems like everyone has already talked with the missionaries.  They kinda have a “been there done that” attitude. 

I was also able to do some family history study when planning for a lesson with a recent convert. I was able to read a lot about Stephen Chipman, the one who settled American Fork, and it really was a cool story, and it taught me a lot about the importance about not only preparing a way for your immediate family, but for your ancestors. The majority of the blessings in this life that I enjoy are from the hard work of you and mom, but there are also a lot that come because I had faithful ancestors. I do look forward to hearing the rest of the story though!

Other than that, the world is still turning. I made some cinnamon rolls and pizza this week from scratch so I’m building quite a menu.

This next week will be filled with getting ready for transfers and wrapping up this past transfer so it should be busy but fun week in the offices! We are also working on building a giant map of the mission to replace the one that is in the office kitchen. so that’s the life of the Registrador for now. I’m looking forward to it. Its just amazing the blessings we see as missionaries. Every day I get to wake up in this awesome country, speak a different language, but most importantly, help others find our Savior Jesus Christ. It truly is an amazing calling!

I love you all, and hope you have a great week! Anyway, I hope you have a good week, and enjoy the trip to New York or that Russia doesn’t shoot down your plane on the way! I love you and miss you a lot. Thanks for everything! Gosh, it would be nice if you could just send a hug in the mail! But your emails do work just fine too!

Elder Chipman

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Learned philosophy from Kung Fu Panda

Hola todos!                                                                 July 12, 14

It has been a very exciting week in Adroguè with all that is going on. It’s fun being in a world obsessed with sports. But then again, I’m glad I don’t live here, or at least I won’t forever, because sports are fun, to a limit. This is a little crazy. So I can enjoy it one year :)

The excitement level has increased just a little bit with the World Cup, actually it’s really picked up. After Argentina won the Semifinal there were fireworks and car horns until 4 in the morning. There was a nice drunk neighbor who was dressed in a crazy blue and white elf hat with his Argentine flag. He was waving the flag in the street to get every single car to honk as they passed by. Let’s just say, we didn’t get too much sleep that night. That being said, everything is just gearing up for the final tomorrow.

Look at my sick soccer hat!

As far as teaching goes, it’s been a slow week. While the World Cup creates a fun, exciting atmosphere, it makes it difficult to visit anybody. Not even the Elders Quorum President lets us visit him on game days. We have been able to get a lot done in the office though, which hopefully will help us get more done in the field when things calm down. President has come out with a rule saying that everybody has to be in the pench at 4 on Sunday, so that kind of gives you a perspective. Everybody is a little football crazy, but hey, its fun being here experiencing it. I filmed a video of just the sounds in the air the day they won, and honestly it was very crazy. I can see why we can’t leave the pench that day, it makes sense.

In the past and for some reason, everybody knows that we are Americans.  I don’t know how, because we have the same skin and eye color, but they seem to always know. That has changed a bit this week as we have received a lot of questions about my nationality.  It has all been “Are you German” or “You aren’t Germans are you?” Man, I sure would hate being German right now.

We are still teaching the Bustamonte Family and helping them reach their goal of being sealed in the temple. While it is still the beginning of a long journey, they are making a lot of progress, and we get a chance to visit and teach them three times a week. They are very willing to change old habits, and while they don’t understand everything, they know and feel that this really is what they want to do. It’s a real blessing being able to teach them and work with them, because every time, the spirit is so strong and it builds my testimony of the truths being discussed.

I like being a missionary, but sometimes I still have a hard time talking to strangers because I am still naturally shy, and people here don’t have a lot of trust with one another. That makes street contacts or normal approaches a little difficult because people always have their defenses up. I thought once I was a missionary it would be easy, but I learned otherwise.

I learned something pretty interesting this week as I was waiting in line to pick up packages. I learned that every day truly is a once in a lifetime experience and we will never live the same day twice so we should use each day and treat it like the gift it is. It’s like what the wise turtle in Kung Fu Panda said, “ Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift, that’s why its called the present.” Every day of this mission or this life is a day that we won’t get back, but we will always remember. So while I think it is impossible to keep this perspective daily, it’s worth trying to remember it when times are hard.  That is just stuff that was revealed to me this week. 

Anyway, it’s weird that Seth is coming home from his mission and that Eric is already leaving.  It is pretty amazing how fast time goes by.  

Anyway, it has been a great week! I hope that you all are happy and healthy. I’ll talk to you next week! Tell Seth and Eric Hi for me! 

Elder Chipman

Part of Capital called Retiro, its where we pick up packages. I took the picture in Plaza Canada where the totem pole is. You can see the English tower in the background. On the Right Side of one of the images, you can see just a part of the Retiro Station, and on the left of the other fotos, you can see skyscrapers and the Sheraton Hotel!

Monday, July 7, 2014

The World Cup is in full Swing!

Hola Todos!                                                                                        

It’s been good week here in Adrogué! The World Cup is still in full swing. In fact, it’s hard to have a conversation that is not about the world cup. We even have people using Messi (Argentine soccer star) to prove gospel principles during church classes. And during the games, there really is not much we can do outside of the office. The other day we tried to go and cash a check during one of the games.  We left for the bank and when we got there, it was closed. We looked through the glass doors, and all of the workers were crowded around a TV wearing their jerseys and drinking matte. Even the security guard! So we then decided to go pick up some cell phones from our distributor. We gave them our ticket number to start processing the order. After two minutes they  came back and informed us that the system was down, and it would probably be up again in about 30 minutes--which just happened to be the remaining time in the game. So we decided to go get an ice cream cone from McDonalds and just wait out the game. When we walk in we saw the whole staff was watching the game with all of the costumers, and they weren’t taking any orders! So we learned our lesson: Argentina Soccer Games are like holidays. Luckily I’m in the offices, because I think the other missionaries have even less to do during those times.

Argentina won again today so World Cup life is going to continue and everyone is pretty happy. I’m happy too, its fun to see people get so into sports. I do get to see, however, the importance of balance. While the craziness is fun, its fun because it’s a once in a lifetime experience, I don’t have to live with this craze forever. So I will enjoy it now, and then enjoy the simplicity of American Sports. And don’t worry; there have been many members who told us about the flopping Dutchman. He’s not a very popular guy right now, especially for the Mexicans serving in the mission.

Other than soccer, the work is still moving forward. One of the greatest moments of my mission happened this week. We are working with an inactive couple, who have actually gone to church the past two weeks in a row. When we passed by on Wednesday, both of them expressed to us the goal that they now have to be sealed in the temple. They know it’s what they want to do. It’s really impossible to describe the feeling that I felt when they said that. When people are putting aside everything, and deciding to come unto Christ, there is an amazing feeling of peace, which is the Spirit testifying of the divinity and truth that comes from their decisions.

I also got my cool looking scripture cases.  There is a lady in the mission who makes them out of leather.  They came faster than I thought and they turned out really good! I look forward to using them. I won’t be able to use the ones for my Spanish scriptures too often during my mission because they might get stolen, but I can use them for conferences and stuff like that. Here is a picture:

Overall I’m happy, healthy, and doing well. I feel like the more I learn about the Gospel, the more questions I have, and I realize how little I know and really how weak I am. But it’s like Mom said, God wants the small and weak things to preach his gospel (D&C 1:23). So I guess He got what He asked for with me.

Christ does live, and he loves each of us. He really does care, and when we go to him, he will show us his love. I have felt it. And I’ve seen others feel it as well.

Thanks for all of the love and support. I love you all, and hope that you have a good week!

Elder Chipman