Sunday, July 20, 2014

Too bad Argentina lost the World Cup!

 Hola! ¿Como Andan?                                                July 19, 2014

It’s been another great week in Adrogué, Argentina!

The world cup was fun, but it would’ve been more fun if Argentina won. It is pretty hard to describe what happened. There was nobody in the streets, and so it was probably the quietest I’ve ever seen this city. We were confined to the pension for the night, so the only way we could figure out what was happening was by listening to fireworks and screams of the people--which really didn’t help us much. When the game ended and it continued to be silent, we realized that Argentina lost. Apparently they had a goal in regulation, but they were about half a step off sides so they waived it off. Then Germany scored with about 8 minutes left in overtime, and that just about ended it.

The people are taking it really well, except for some crazies that went crazy in downtown Buenos Aires and robbed a bunch of stores. But I have a feeling that they would’ve done that whether they won or lost. People are still moving, but with a cloud over their heads. They seemed to have accepted second, but they still are dwelling in the ´What if´ mode. As for me, I’m happy I got to enjoy it for so long and that I can say that I was in Argentina when they played in the final!

The World Cup has made me realize the power that sports have on the world. For me, the World Cup has changed how people see my ethnicity. For my entire mission to this point, everyone always knew that I’m from the United States. I really stand out like a black sheep around here. But this week that changed and now everyone thinks that I am German. Even members call me German..... So I think I will be considered German for the next few months.
We made Cinnamon Rolls  and Pizza on Game Day!

We made a little too much!

As far as the work goes, we are still making a lot of progress with the Bustamante family. They went to church again on Sunday even though it was game day, and we were able to meet with them 3 times this week! Every time we visit they seem really excited to learn more about the gospel, and more ready to enter the temple.  We don`t really have a lot of people to teach and it is difficult to find people. The church has been in the area for a really long time and it seems like everyone has already talked with the missionaries.  They kinda have a “been there done that” attitude. 

I was also able to do some family history study when planning for a lesson with a recent convert. I was able to read a lot about Stephen Chipman, the one who settled American Fork, and it really was a cool story, and it taught me a lot about the importance about not only preparing a way for your immediate family, but for your ancestors. The majority of the blessings in this life that I enjoy are from the hard work of you and mom, but there are also a lot that come because I had faithful ancestors. I do look forward to hearing the rest of the story though!

Other than that, the world is still turning. I made some cinnamon rolls and pizza this week from scratch so I’m building quite a menu.

This next week will be filled with getting ready for transfers and wrapping up this past transfer so it should be busy but fun week in the offices! We are also working on building a giant map of the mission to replace the one that is in the office kitchen. so that’s the life of the Registrador for now. I’m looking forward to it. Its just amazing the blessings we see as missionaries. Every day I get to wake up in this awesome country, speak a different language, but most importantly, help others find our Savior Jesus Christ. It truly is an amazing calling!

I love you all, and hope you have a great week! Anyway, I hope you have a good week, and enjoy the trip to New York or that Russia doesn’t shoot down your plane on the way! I love you and miss you a lot. Thanks for everything! Gosh, it would be nice if you could just send a hug in the mail! But your emails do work just fine too!

Elder Chipman

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