Sunday, July 13, 2014

Learned philosophy from Kung Fu Panda

Hola todos!                                                                 July 12, 14

It has been a very exciting week in Adroguè with all that is going on. It’s fun being in a world obsessed with sports. But then again, I’m glad I don’t live here, or at least I won’t forever, because sports are fun, to a limit. This is a little crazy. So I can enjoy it one year :)

The excitement level has increased just a little bit with the World Cup, actually it’s really picked up. After Argentina won the Semifinal there were fireworks and car horns until 4 in the morning. There was a nice drunk neighbor who was dressed in a crazy blue and white elf hat with his Argentine flag. He was waving the flag in the street to get every single car to honk as they passed by. Let’s just say, we didn’t get too much sleep that night. That being said, everything is just gearing up for the final tomorrow.

Look at my sick soccer hat!

As far as teaching goes, it’s been a slow week. While the World Cup creates a fun, exciting atmosphere, it makes it difficult to visit anybody. Not even the Elders Quorum President lets us visit him on game days. We have been able to get a lot done in the office though, which hopefully will help us get more done in the field when things calm down. President has come out with a rule saying that everybody has to be in the pench at 4 on Sunday, so that kind of gives you a perspective. Everybody is a little football crazy, but hey, its fun being here experiencing it. I filmed a video of just the sounds in the air the day they won, and honestly it was very crazy. I can see why we can’t leave the pench that day, it makes sense.

In the past and for some reason, everybody knows that we are Americans.  I don’t know how, because we have the same skin and eye color, but they seem to always know. That has changed a bit this week as we have received a lot of questions about my nationality.  It has all been “Are you German” or “You aren’t Germans are you?” Man, I sure would hate being German right now.

We are still teaching the Bustamonte Family and helping them reach their goal of being sealed in the temple. While it is still the beginning of a long journey, they are making a lot of progress, and we get a chance to visit and teach them three times a week. They are very willing to change old habits, and while they don’t understand everything, they know and feel that this really is what they want to do. It’s a real blessing being able to teach them and work with them, because every time, the spirit is so strong and it builds my testimony of the truths being discussed.

I like being a missionary, but sometimes I still have a hard time talking to strangers because I am still naturally shy, and people here don’t have a lot of trust with one another. That makes street contacts or normal approaches a little difficult because people always have their defenses up. I thought once I was a missionary it would be easy, but I learned otherwise.

I learned something pretty interesting this week as I was waiting in line to pick up packages. I learned that every day truly is a once in a lifetime experience and we will never live the same day twice so we should use each day and treat it like the gift it is. It’s like what the wise turtle in Kung Fu Panda said, “ Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift, that’s why its called the present.” Every day of this mission or this life is a day that we won’t get back, but we will always remember. So while I think it is impossible to keep this perspective daily, it’s worth trying to remember it when times are hard.  That is just stuff that was revealed to me this week. 

Anyway, it’s weird that Seth is coming home from his mission and that Eric is already leaving.  It is pretty amazing how fast time goes by.  

Anyway, it has been a great week! I hope that you all are happy and healthy. I’ll talk to you next week! Tell Seth and Eric Hi for me! 

Elder Chipman

Part of Capital called Retiro, its where we pick up packages. I took the picture in Plaza Canada where the totem pole is. You can see the English tower in the background. On the Right Side of one of the images, you can see just a part of the Retiro Station, and on the left of the other fotos, you can see skyscrapers and the Sheraton Hotel!

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