Monday, October 21, 2013

In South America, the toilet flushes . . . .

Another Great week in Buenos Aires!

So Argentina is weird, and they have Mothers Day on the 3rd Sunday of October. Only Argentina does this, but anyway, Happy Mother´s day!

Things are becoming more normal for me here. I can usually understand what people are saying to me in one on one conversation, but I struggle with groups--especially lunch appointments. Here, lunch is the biggest meal of the day. It usually consists of a salad, either beef or chicken, and mayonnaise. Seriously, they eat mayo with everything, beef, chicken, salad, you name it. The water is also undrinkable down here, so there is a ton of Coca Cola and Tang. I haven’t yet tried Asado, but I hear its something to die for!

We’re still trying to get settled in our area. We´re opening up a second area in the Budge Ward, so we literally have 1 investigator that was there before the area split, so most of our time is spent visiting members for referrals. We are making good relationships though, and are helping many inactive members come back.

As far as the question that you have all been wondering: What direction does the toilet flush?

From my personal analysis, it flushes clockwise in Argentina. To be honest I don´t know what direction it goes in America, so you need to check it out for me!

Other than that, I don´t have much to say. We´re getting stuff done!

Les Amo
Elder Chipman

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