Monday, April 14, 2014

Rant of the week :)

 Hola Todos, Como Andan?                                                                

All I can say, it’s about time we got a dog =)

I didn’t believe Allie´s email at first, but the pictures have me convinced. What a beautiful dog! Maybe it’s because I only see dogs that have been flea stricken, beat up, missing eyes, limbs, diseased, or dead. But I still think it’s pretty! How weird. It changes the family dynamic a little bit, and I like it. It will be fun having a dog at home. If you ever get mad at the dog, just pet it behind the ears. There are very few things cuter than a dog being petted on the head and it will help you remember why you got it =)

It’s been another great week in San Fransisco, and let me tell you, very cold as well. Fall hit all at once with a freezing wind on Saturday. Sunday was equally as cold. This morning, I wore my sleeping bag like a giant cocoon as I did my studies, and probably had the shortest shower of my life. After a year of summer weather, the slightest sign of a chill sends me running for my scarf, gloves, and hat.

Elder Cobb says that this is the hardest area that he has ever worked in, which is funny, because with him as my comp, I wouldn’t mind staying here for the rest of my mission. We are working our tails off, and even though numbers don’t matter, we have the highest in the district, and we’ve been doing well.  As far as the teaching goes, we are working and finding. We were finally able to talk to Pablo again this week, and he’s been having troubles with work, but is ready to keep going for his baptism. One thing that I have learned from my mission is the importance of the commandments. As missionaries, we hear a lot of trials, problems, and afflictions of others. While these are difficult things that people deal with and have to overcome, I’ve noticed a distinct difference between the one’s who keep the commandments, and the one’s who abandoned their faith. Life is not difficult if we keep the commandments exactly the way we are taught. In Matthew 11 28-30, it says that the Lord’s yoke is easy, and his burden is light. Also in D&C it says that the Lord is bound when we do what he says, but if not, we have no promise. He promises us support, strength, and faith if we come unto him and do what he asks us to do. Not because he is oppressive, or because he likes giving us rules, but because he knows the easiest way. He will always lead us to happiness, not exactly ease, but happiness. Anyway, here is the rant of the week.

So even though we can’t get packages, letters are ok! Stickers and things like you have sent are definitely spendable. If you want to send me that picture of Allie and Dakota in the car (the one it looks like Dakota is smiling) I wouldn’t mind that either. 

On a cultural note, I learned to fold empanadas, and we ate a ton of them on Friday. Yes they were delicious. The primary foods with every Argentinean meal are Pasta Potatoes and Bread-- with a good Dollop of Mayo. I’m still maintaining an athletic figure, for now.  Let’s just say that  I plan on working out a lot when I get home.  I hope that will help.

I love you all,  and hope you’re all doing great, and doing what’s right. We should never overlook the classic primary saying, “Choose the Right, its really what brings happiness in this life.”

Until next week!

Elder Chipman

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