Saturday, May 24, 2014

I love the mission! Lots of pictures :)

Hola Todos!                                                                May 24, 2014

It sounds like a crazy week with Graduation and everything, and it’s weird to hear the names of the people who are graduating.  I guess my high school days were a LONG time ago! 

I am just hoping that Eric (cousin) gets called to my mission.  I’ve heard of that happening before.  How cool would that be?!

It’s been another great week in Adrogué Argentina! Winter is definitely on the way. We work closely with the missionaries in charge of the pensions and furnishing them, and the majority of the calls they get is because the missionaries are in need of some electrical heaters (central heating doesn’t exist here). So we are getting ready for the winter. The office is nice because we have a lot of heaters to work with, so I am always nice and toasty! ! If I want I can even have Malta or Hot Cocoa any time because we have a microwave in the office kitchen! So Yea, there are perks to the office life, plus I get letters quickly! I got the one with half of the General Conference Ensign stapled together, and it didn’t count as a package! So thank you.  I’ve been enjoying it when I have the time to read.

I’m adjusting better to life in the office. The president let us play soccer last Monday so we wouldn’t be so isolated, but honestly it wasn’t that fun. We don’t have a very big zone and so there weren’t a lot of people who wanted to play. I guess exercise in general throughout the mission is dying; so I’m not missing anything by serving in the office. After last Monday,   I was satisfied with just watching a movie and playing Risk on P-days (we found the Risk game in the office). Today we watched Kung Fu Panda 2. It is funnier in English because its hard to translate words like Bodasity, Awesomeness, and the other words he uses, but still very fun.

I’m still exercising in the mornings and that helps. As far as weight goes, I don’t seem to be losing or gaining just at a plateau. We don’t eat the greasy food made for us by members, so that helps!

My companion is a nice guy, and we get along really well which makes it nice. He is just a great kid which makes working with him enjoyable, and that makes working in the office a pleasure. Unfortunately, we don’t know the area at all, so proselyting is super difficult, but we get out when we can.

Other than that, we’ve just been getting a lot of work done with supplying the missionaries with pamphlets, DVD’s and books. Everyday there is a zone conference, and we prepare the supplies each individual missionary need, then call them up to let them now how much money they need to pay. It’s a pretty long process, and takes the majority of our time, but we’re pretty much getting it down to a system.

Another perk in the office life is the close relation to the senior couple Elder and Sister Dance. They are super nice and are always supplying us with cinnamon rolls, baked potatoes, and good old American favorites, so I’ve been eating very well!

It’s been a good week! I’ve learned a lot! I mean a lot of spiritual stuff. And it helps. I was able to read a conference talk by President Eyring from this past General Priesthood Session. While I learned a lot, something that struck me was his description of prayer. There are many times in my life when I have thought that it would just be easier if the Savior came down and he just told me what to do, and then I would know, but little did I realize he has given me and every single one of us that opportunity. Prayer is not only a time to speak, but to listen. Its more than a wrote blessing, but an effort filled conversation that can result in responses as well as questions. It’s not easy to pray fervently, but it’s not supposed to be. If we put the effort into prayer, than we will see the blessings occur.

I love the mission!  I learn something about myself, and my Father in Heaven and  the Savior Jesus Christ every single day, which makes each experience is worth every minute of my mission.

Love you all, hope you’re doing great!

Till Next week,

Elder Chipman

My chubby picture
cinnamon rolls  :)

Making the cinnamon rolls

Our bikes from the last area
The office where I work


Defensa and Justicia uniforms

packing for the transfer to the office

It's a horse!

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