Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Watermelon Jack-o-lanterns

¿Como Andan?                                                                                       
Well, it’s been a super wet week in Tolosa! It’s been raining for about 3 days now, and everything is soaked! So it’s been a fun, but an interesting week! When it rains, everybody in Argentina shuts down. Church attendance plummets, and people just sleep all day, which means that we are in the street all day. We did have fun though, and so we are happy.

We work hard and are having success. I learned a lot when talking with people on the street and we have lots of investigators to visit right now --which is good.  There’s a lot of work, because there have been 3 Elders who have finished their missions here, and honestly, 2 of them just kinda slept the last little bit, so we are trying to get things up and running again, but the Lord is helping us a lot with that, and giving us people to teach.

Next week, an apostle is coming to talk with just our mission! Rumor has it that it is Elder Nelson, but they can’t publicly announce it until right before it happens. I just hope that he doesn’t come to drop the cane, because we kinda have a lazy group of missionaries here, or maybe that is just what happens when a bunch of 20 year olds do this type of thing. In either case, I’m excited, it should be fun!

I’m learning that being a district leader is harder than I thought it would be, but I hope to get the hang of it soon. There are lots of questions or lots of people wanting to do things they really shouldn’t do, and so I have to be the bad guy. So Mom, now I know why you never liked being the bad guy at home.

Miracle of the week had to be our investigator, Ignacio, came to church on Sunday even though it was pouring rain. Ignacio was satanic just a few weeks ago, but his friend showed him the video of Joseph Smith, Prophet of the Restoration, and it made an impression on him. Ever since then, he has been making a ton of changes! Right now he has a date for the 22 of November for baptism, and only needs to quite smoking in order to do it. So we are very excited for him.  We have been blessed in so many ways with the people we have been meeting and teaching, and with the less active members that are finally getting back to church. It's great serving here!

For Halloween we decided that since we wouldn't be able to eat a lot of candy, we should go to the bakery to get something sweet.  So we did.  We bought a BIG something called a Factura. Usually they are about the size of a donut, but these ones were about the size of a loaf of bread. A Factura is a type of sweet bread with chocolate, jam, and a creamy paste that’s super good. Let’s just say, we satisfied our sweet side.  I’m sending the pictures right now! Yes, I ate the whole thing. Yes, it was delicious!

We also wanted to make Jack-o-Lanterns. The problem is that it’s the summer here, so pumpkins are hard to find. Luckily we found that Watermelons were a good substitute, and carved them up this morning! Happy Halloween!  The People here don’t really celebrate Halloween, but then again, they do. It’s a very selective holiday. Some kids go trick or treating, but the majority does not, so it was weird.

Thanks for all of the love and support! I love and miss all of you guys!

Elder Chipman

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