Monday, November 24, 2014

I'm very happy

Hola todos! Como andan?                                    

We had an amazing week here in Tolosa! We were able to meet with many less active members, and find many people who are interested in learning more. The area is growing and we are finding that we have a lot of people who we need to visit. But this makes a missionary very happy!

As far as our investigators go, Ignacio is still coming to church every Sunday; he just needs to continue working with a few more addictions that he is battling. We also found a woman who is interested enough to hear what we have to say. Her name is Marisol, and we were able to have a very good lesson with her about the restoration. She promised to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it.

In this lesson with Marisol I was able to learn a very valuable lesson. I learned that literally every single question that we have can be answered with the Book of Mormon. Marisol had a lot of deep questions, about how to raise a family, whether it is ok to pray for others and ourselves, and where we go after we die. Every question could be answered with a story or scripture from the Book of Mormon, and every personal question we have will also find an answer if we read and pray about the Book of Mormon. What a rare possession we have and valuable it is. 

The work is moving forward, the leaders in the ward are excited to help, and honestly, because of it, church attendance is increasing rapidly. Every week we have more people in church, and it’s mainly because the leaders are willing and ready to work. It really is a great ward here in Tolosa. 

So overall, I am super tired, but I get up in the mornings ready to work. The weeks go by so quickly now, so that motivates me to work all the harder. There is lots of potential, and I think in a few more months, there will be many baptisms! I don’t know if I will be here to see it, but it will be great anyway!

Other than that, it’s been a very normal week! We are happy and healthy and ready to work! What more can I ask for?

Dad, you asked about my district leader duties in the mission. On Tuesdays, We prepare district meetings which are 1-1.5 hours. We plan it, direct it, and teach it. We can ask missionaries to participate, but it depends on your choice. It’s great but a little difficult to stay entertaining and keep the spirit. (Now I understand a little bit of what you felt as a seminary teacher) We also make calls twice a week, do exchanges with every Elder companionship in the transfer (I only have one in my district so that is not so hard), and all baptismal interviews. It keeps me busy, but I enjoy doing it! Over all, the work is a difficult work, especially for someone as imperfect as me, but I try, and I enjoy many things about it and the people we meet.

For Thanksgiving, we will have to do something, but we do have dinner planned with a family who has lots of USA connections. They haven’t mentioned anything, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we had a very nice dinner that night :) so I am excited!

As far as La Plata goes, it is a nicer city than others in the mission, so I am happy with that! The Museum and Cathedral are on my list of P-day activities! We have transfers next week, so I hope that I can get another transfer here to see them!

It sounds like you all had a very fun weekend! I love the Arizona race! It’s the best! And I’m glad Allie ran so well! It’s great to see her finish the season like that, plus with both Allie and Parker both running so well, there are great days yet to come for Vista Nation!

I love you all! Thanks for the Support!

Elder Chipman

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