Monday, December 1, 2014

Turkey's don't exist here, so we ate chicken

How´s it going?                                                                                   

It’s been another fantastic week in Tolosa! We just finished another transfer up and Elder Johnstun left and I received a new companion, Elder Orellana from El Salvador! We are expecting to see miracles this transfer and many new baptisms. The work is moving forward even when there are transfers.

This week we were able to find a new investigator! His name is Claudio, and he has been living with some members in the ward for a few weeks. We began talking with him and he started to tell us his religious past and how he has always felt like something has just been missing. As missionaries, we love to hear that because we have the answer! We were then able to teach him the Restoration, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the Word of Wisdom. He is very interested and he has a date for the 20th of December. 

We also had Ignacio come to both the General, and Adult sessions of Stake Conference, and he even wore a shirt and tie on Sunday. We are happy with his progress and we expect to see many miracles with him!

Austin´s description of the mission to you is very accurate. People here are short, so they usually don’t have things meant for my height. The sidewalks are bumpy so I have to look down, and more often then not, I bonk my head on something.  No medical problems have resulted from it, just some bumps. I haven’t had any trouble with dog bites, but my companions all have. And while I tell you lots of stuff in my letters, I will certainly give you a more detailed description when I get back in a few months :) It’s all fun though!

You are probably wondering what a Thanksgiving is like in Argentina. Well, we were fortunate enough to have a family in the ward with many connections to the states, so they made us a Thanksgiving dinner. We had Chicken (Turkey doesn’t exist) Rolls, pumpkin and apple pie, and mashed potatoes! It was delicious, and we enjoyed the feast. Maria told me that she tried to find Marshmallows like in the recipe you sent, but just couldn’t find any.  Even at Wal-Mart! But she made a super good pumpkin pie with a chocolate layer! I’ll send pictures next week because this week, it’s not working. But it was delicious!

It sounded like you had a great Thanksgiving with the Burgoynes, even if Megan did get sick. The new Christmas tree looks very nice, along with the display outside. While we don’t have lights, apparently La Plata makes a bunch of Statues out of Paper Maché and then on New Years, light them all on Fire! Sounds like fun!

With the passing of Thanksgiving we are heading into Christmas time. I invite all of us to look at the new church video ¨He is the Gift¨.
It will get the Christmas season started on the right note!

I love you guys, thanks for all of your support. Hope you have a good week!


Elder Chipman

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