Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas lights around the windows and little trees

How's it going? Dec. 15, 14

Sounds like a fun exciting week at home!

Its been a beautiful week in Tolosa Argentina! Everybody is getting ready for the holidays, and we are enjoying all of the little trees and lights around the windows. They don´t deck out their houses like the do in the states, but they still show their Christmas spirit!

With that, we had a great week with our investigators. Ignacio is only getting closer to quite smoking, our investigator Claudio couldn't come to church, but he is still moving forward, and a new investigator named Antonia accepted a baptismal date for the 3 of January. We are starting to see many fruits from our work, and I'm excited to see what will happen these next few weeks!

On Thursday we had a giant 3 zone, zone conference about Christmas. We had a devotional, an asado lunch (Argentine Barbecue--really good!), and afterward each zone did a little skit about Christmas. Our zone made a Christmas Carol but missionary style. It was about two missionaries who didn't want to work  so they had visits from three ghosts.  They saw the past, present, and future. It was fun, I think we had the best one in my opinion. Me and my comp were the ghost of Christmas Present.

I learned a very valuable lesson this week about my thoughts and being too self-critical. While it is important to be humble and willing to make changes, it doesn't mean that we need to find every little things and beat ourselves up about it. I was just sitting in the bus thinking about all of these thoughts about how I'm failing. Then a thought came into my head that said," Do you really think that this is from God?"  "Would God correct you like this?.” I  then decided that it wasn't good for me to think like that, and so I started focusing on the good around me.  I also realized, like you've been telling me all along mom, that I am doing a good job, that the Lord is happy with my work. I am not perfect, but at least I try to be the best that I can. After I was able to clear the dark clouds in my head, I was able to feel God´s love better.  It is all because of how I think.

This city is beautiful though. La Plata is probably my favorite area thus far. It has big beautiful parks, stadiums, statues, and cathedrals. If we ever come back as a family, I'm taking you here. We went to the La Plata Museum the other week and it was really fun. It is not as good as the Denver Museum, but really fun! It is super old so there are a ton of old paintings and the architecture, but that makes it fun. Outside the entrance,  there are two Saber tooth tigers by the stairs like they have lions outside of libraries. It was a lot of fun. It closed before we could see it all, but I enjoyed it.

Just want to share a quick testimony about our Savior, that he really does love and care for each one of us. No care is too small, nor affliction too big for him. While we remember his birth, life, suffering and death, it would all be for not if he did not resurrect and live again. He lives, and each of us can grow closer to him as we search for him. I am learning more about my Savior every day, and I am so grateful for that.

Enjoy the holiday season, because that´s why we have it, to enjoy, and not to stress. Let me know what day and what time you want to skype and I'll be ready for you! We are going to a members house who majored in computation, so we should be ok!

I love you all, hope you are all happy and well!

Have a great week!

Elder Chipman

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