Monday, March 10, 2014

Psalm of Stephen

Well it’s been another great week in San Fransisco.                          

First off, We Finally found Pablo! He returned from his business trip and is back for now! He is still excited to be baptized, and he wants it to happen this Saturday! How cool is that! Now we just need to stay in contact with him!

We also knocked on a lot of doors this week, and found some more people to teach. The Branch is doing well, and honestly life is good.

We had zone conference and stake conference this weekend, but I have to admit, it was hard to enjoy. I had some bad Dulce de Leche the day before, and soon after the zone conference lost my lunch in the bathroom. And of course, the leadership meeting of stake conference was about to start, so we had to quickly clean up the mess before people showed up. Luckily that was all that happened and I rested the rest of the day, and was good by Sunday.

We had a fun time last night though. We used an old table that we had and had a mini ping pong tournament after our planning meeting. The rule for Sundays is that we have to be in the pension at 8 so we had some extra time. We all dressed up and it was a lot of fun. I used one of your moustaches that you sent me mom!

That’s awesome that the vista boys are in the final four again. That’s so much fun! Now let’s hope BYU has equal success.

Zone Conference was interesting because it showed me a lot of the president’s expectations for me as a missionary. Overall, I can do better, but I’m not too far away from what I need to be. I guess it’s always a battle. But one thing I realized is the Bible and the Book of Mormon are full of stories of trials, wars, battles, afflictions, and sicknesses. They had good times yes, but they usually cover them in a verse or two because there isn’t too much to learn from them. We learn from hard times, kinda like good sports stories. The movie “Miracle” would be terrible if it was about a USA hockey team who beat the crud out of everybody and won gold. It is only interesting and inspiring because of what they overcame.

There you go! You can call that Psalm of Stephen, Chapter 1.  Or maybe you can just keep all my quotes like that and make a “New York Times Bestseller of inspiring Quotes from Stephen Chipman.”

It’s amazing how much more the gospel makes sense the more I learn about it. I don’t know too much, in fact everyday I learn how much I don’t know or understand. But everyday the spirit reveals to me simple truths that are all connected. So every day brings a blessing, even if get sick once in a while.

Hope all is well at home! Keep Moving Forward!


Elder Chipman

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  1. The Elder in the orange is my missionary, Elder Carlson!!
    I am so happy I found this page! He will love seeing it when he gets home!