Monday, March 3, 2014

I've been learning how to cook

Sunset in San Fran

Hola Todos 
 It’s been another good and sunny week in San Fransisco!

We have been working hard and finding a lot of people to talk to, and we are seeing miracles everyday. We are still having trouble finding Pablo, but we heard that he got home on Saturday night, so we hope to talk with him soon! And our other investigator Ramona, had to take care of her mother, who fell and broke her hip. So we did a lot of finding this week and had a lot of cool experiences and found a lot of new people to teach. I love it when we get to teach new investigators, because usually we get to share the restoration, and every time we share the first vision, the spirit is there, and it’s always so peaceful.

That is awesome how I got a shout out at Stake Conference! --even if it is by error. Poor President Walker, there must be a lot of stress to remember all the missionaries, especially now.

I’m finally getting to a place where I understand the majority of the things that people are saying to me, and I can usually respond to their question. I do have a problem with the words cansado, and casado, one means tired, and the other means married. So the question "Are you tired?" It gets a lot more personal when you don’t say it right. But I’m learning.

I’m actually learning how to cook. I can now make pizza, pancakes, and homemade noodles without recipes, so there you go! I also tried a little bit of matté this week. We can’t drink it with members, but we can drink it in the pension if it’s in tea bags. It’s a comforting taste, but I have to put a lot of sugar in it in order to enjoy it. Elder Cobb and I also tried to make Empanadas this week for lunch. We just wanted to make about 10, but with our inexperience, we ended up making about 42. They were actually really good though, and we were able to snack on them for a long time.
The empanadas we made
I’m doing pretty well. Elder Cobb is awesome and is a lot like Danny, which is nice, and we get along well. I’m super tired all of the time, but I’m kinda getting used to it. And we’re even starting to run in the morning, which is awesome, I love it.
Me & Elder Cobb
Today is supposed to be Carnival. You know that big holiday with all the colors and everything? Well that’s only in Brazil. Here, it’s more of the same as every other holiday. Lots of beer and music, and I’m sure tomorrow, everyone’s going to sleep in all day with a hang over. But that’s how it is.

Overall, things are good. We are enjoying life here en el campo. We sometimes have to bike through cow herds and usually pass a dead dog or two every day, but as smelly as that is, we are all good. Hope all of you are at home are enjoying life!

Have a good week!

With love,

Elder Chipman

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