Monday, February 24, 2014

Life is good!

Hola Todos    
Happy Birthday Mom & Dad! 
So you got bed sheets and shoes for your birthdays? Man, maybe you are getting old. If it makes you feel any better, every time I show your pictures to the people here, they think you guys are my brothers and sisters because you look so young. Maybe its because you guys haven’t lived fifty years in the South American Sun. Seriously, I meet 40 year olds that look like they are in their 70´s.
Hey Dad, thanks for your advice. I can even start considering it wisdom from an Elder, because you are FIFTY YEARS OLD. That´s gotta hurt, I mean that, and your back, your knees, and hips, and every other things that hurts when your old.  Ha-ha
We’ve had another great week in San Francisco. Fall is approaching which means the weather is a lot cooler, but the best part is that it’s not raining, so it’s been pretty perfect. 
We were again unable to contact Pablo this week, so I guess his baptism will be this Saturday. Apparently he had a last second business trip to another Province in Argentina called Corrientes, but he is back now! We are also continuing to teach Ramona. She truly is amazing. When we ask her to read something, she reads it, when we ask her to pray, she prays. It’s no surprise that we are seeing a difference in her life, and she is seeing the difference as well. 
Elder Cobb and I are getting along great and enjoying life here in Argentina. He’s easy going and pretty funny, so it’s a breath of Fresh air. I sent some pictures of our area. There is a lot of farm land. One of our investigators lives out in the middle of no where, and that’s where the pictures are taken. There are other places where there are lots of houses, but we don’t take too many pictures of that.
We have probably seen 10 dead dogs on the side of the road which is pretty gross, and it smells really bad. And we also see some pretty weird stuff. A few days ago we were just riding our bikes and a car passed us on the road only to lose his tire while in movement. I don’t know, maybe I’m just inexperienced but I’ve never seen that before.

Life is good right now. I’m super tired, and at times wonder how I’m going to finish this thing up, but I guess those phases come and go. Elder Cobb has a harmonica too, so we are practicing hymns where one plays the melody and the other plays the base, I’m getting pretty good at it just so you know.
Honestly I am super happy. I feel the spirit in my life everyday, and we get to enjoy its company when we do what’s right. We get to share the happiest message in the world every single day of our lives, and every single time we share the first vision, a spirit fills the room. We get to help others come to Christ and see their lives are blessed. Truly a great experience.
I know these things are a reality. That Christ lives and truly loves us more than we can know. He is a real being, and he really is our Savior and Redeemer. All we need to do is accept his invitation, and Come unto Him.
Anyway, Les Amo Mucho. Tengan una buena semana!
Elder Chipman

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