Thursday, February 6, 2014

There is a broken heart in Argentina....

Stephen today at the Buenos Aires Temple

Hola Todos,                                                                                         

Sorry, we have P-day today and not on Monday because we went to the temple this morning! 

The Buenos Aires temple is really pretty. It was really cool going through the session in Spanish, and it helped that I knew a lot of things in English so I could translate it when I needed too. Overall, it was a really nice and cool thing and  it was worth waiting for a few more days.

Primero, I want to let you know that there is a broken heart down in Argentina as well.  I’m sorry about the Broncos, but I’m really happy I missed it.  The Broncos had a great season and I’m sure there will be another super bowl soon! Dad, you can delete the recording and don’t buy me a season review DVD (But if you want to buy me a “Man of Steel” DVD before I get home, I’m ok with that still =) Let’s just say I’m not too disappointed that I missed the whole thing. At least they are waiting for me!

It’s been another good week here in San Francisco. We have had a lot of rain.  It is South American rain, and so it is drenching. When it’s not raining its nice and cloudy with a lot of mud. I guess the rain invited all of the mosquitoes to wake up or something because I swear I’ve lost about 50% of the blood in my body to the mosquitoes. I’m even starting to realize that there are different species of mosquitoes here--which is something that I’ve never considered. 

Other than the mosquitoes, it’s been a good week. We are still working with Pablo, and hopefully get him baptized next Saturday. He only needs to come to church! We are also finding a lot of other people so the work is continuing. We had about 18 people in sacrament meeting in total, and only 7 in Sunday school, and we didn’t have 3rd hour because we just didn’t have the numbers or the people to get it done, so we ended church after 2 hours.

I also got your package with the valentine stuff! The fudge is still good and I haven’t opened the cards, but I opened Megan’s Christmas Present (the Snow Globe). And saw the duck! I also got the letter with the comics and all of the good Broncos Articles, so thank you! Also, could you say thank you to Brother and Sister Champlain? They bought me a J. Garcia tie because they saw one in the store and thought of me. I’m wearing it right now!

I love you and miss you. I’m already a third of the way there. Its weird but true, time is flying by. We have transfers on Monday so we’ll see if I can write or not, but I’ll do what I can to make it happen. 

Until Monday
Elder Stephen Chipman

PS: I couldn’t find a basketball so I bought a soccer jersey of a team in my zone. It was only 10 American dollars. Hope you don’t mind.

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