Sunday, June 15, 2014

I really like working in the offices

Hey Everybody!                                                                                         
It’s been another good week here in Adrogué!  Happy Father’s Day Dad! I hope that you can rest and enjoy a nice Father’s Day.

This week we had a very cool opportunity to have a visit and hear from Elder Viñas from the seventy and the Area Presidency. The mission had 3 meetings with 3 to 4 zones in each meeting so that he could talk to everybody in the mission in 3 days! But even though we listened to him on the last day and he was starting to lose his voice because he was speaking so much, the spirit was still present when he spoke. It is an amazing thing that the spirit can help us personally receive the revelation that we need. There are specific answers to prayers and guidance that we can receive even when the person is speaking to a large group. There were many times during the meeting when I received the specific answer that I needed to hear. So overall it was a great experience.

Other than that, it’s been a super busy week. Monday are transfers so we are doing our best to get everything organized and ready to go for them. It’s difficult at times to prepare for it because every day the President changes some things around. We never know what to expect, but at least we are ready and waiting for the changes to be made now.

It’s been a good week, still lots of packages and stuff like that, but it’s all good. I like working in the offices, and it’s an interesting assignment that I am lucky enough to have. I have gotten to the point where I really like working in the offices. I find it fun and different, and plus it’s where the Lord has assigned me to be. Other Missionaries sometimes don’t seem to understand that this is where I’m supposed to be right now, but I’m very happy here. I get to see different parts of the mission, and I get to see some of the good things about this country. It really is a cool place. Lots of cool things to see, cool buildings and just the way people live down here. 

We had an awesome lesson with Augustina this week. We taught her about how to find an answer and know if the Restoration really took place and that the Gospel is again on the earth. The spirit was strong when we invited her to be baptized on the July 11. She accepted and we hope to help her as she prepares for it.

The World Cup as of right now hasn’t gotten too exciting. Argentina plays tomorrow though. I’ll let you know because I think it’s going to be big. I’ve heard about the protests in Brazil. Maybe they are trying to earn a lot of money for the world cup and that’s why they spent so much money to prepare. It must put a damper on everything. Everybody here still watches it and tells us what is going on, so the protests haven’t dampened any of the spirits in Argentina.  I guess we’ll see if they are as interested if they lose. Only time will tell!!  It is impossible to not know what is happening because wherever we go, people are watching it and when we enter a home they just start telling us the results of the day. It’s a fun thing, but a little obsessive at times.

I love hearing stories about the puppy. He sounds like a cute little fur ball. I hope that he is still just as fun in a year from now!

That’s it for this week! I hope that you have a great week! Time is really starting to fly!


Elder Chipman

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