Saturday, August 23, 2014

Every day is a once in a lifetime opportunity!

¿Como le va?                                                                                      

It’s been a beautiful week in Adrogué Argentina this week! Even though it’s supposed to be in the middle of winter, we are enjoying weather around 80 degrees. Everybody comments how strange it is, but nobody is complaining! Everybody likes a little sun! It’s in the middle of winter, and I’m sweating like summer because it is super hot and humid.  

As far as the office goes, we are still plunking along. We got lots to do, but there is nothing really new to report. So I am very comfortable with where I am.  It’s  actually fun. We play basketball or soccer in the mornings and I get pretty sweaty. Overall, things are going smoothly--well, as smooth as a mission can get!

The work in Argentina is still moving forward. Some weeks it seems slower than others, but one of the best parts of this work is that there is no way we can go backwards! Everything we do and every contact we make is a step in the right direction that will never change directions. This week was a little slower than others as far as the work goes, but we still got a lot done. We had an amazing lesson with our investigator Cristina on Tuesday. We taught about Baptism, and when we finished the lesson we asked what she wanted to do. She said, ¨well, I guess I want to be baptized¨.  So we hope to be having a baptismal service soon!

I feel like I’m running out of time on my mission.  Some days I want to go by quickly and then other days I want to stay forever. In the end, having 9 months left helps me realize that I can live without certain things for only 9 months. I don’t miss American food, music, movies or other things.  I’ve already gone so far without them so the thought of a little bit more time is nothing. It makes me feel more focused, and less overwhelmed by the two year thing.

It sounds like it has been a very rewarding week for Allie. I am very surprised that she won the Vista XC time trial by that much already!  It will be a change in the Dalby Tradition if she runs varsity at Arapahoe meet next week. Allie is being thrown right into the furnace.  I can’t wait to hear what happens!

Every day I am so blessed to be here in this country, doing the work that I am doing, meeting the people I am meeting, and serving the Lord I love. Every day is a once in a lifetime opportunity!

I love you all, hope y´all have a good week!


Elder Chipman

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