Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The most amazing thing this tongue has ever touched!

How's it going?

It’s been another great week in Adrogué Argentina! I’m still kicking it along in the office. We are getting out proselyting every day which is nice. Transfers are coming up in about a week from Monday, so we’ll see if I stay or go, but I wouldn’t be upset if I had one more transfer here, but I wouldn’t complain if I got sent somewhere else either. One thing that I learned from the office is that I can go wherever the Lord wants me to go, and I’m ok with it! It makes transfer week a lot more relaxing!

We have been finishing up a big inventory project of everything that we have in the Depósito (Which is the supply room) and we are figuring out how to make a giant map for the president with all of the areas and zones marked on it. Transfers are coming up a week from Monday, so this week should be another busy one!

As far as teaching goes, our original investigators were unavailable this week. We did have a few amazing experiences, however. The first was a reference that we received from a member. His name is Rodrigo, and he is 14 years old and the friend of one of the deacons. We have met with him twice and we are expecting a third visit tomorrow. It’s difficult because he is the first investigator that I have had who has doubts even the existence of a God. So we start at the beginning and we hope to be able to make our way after he has a foundational belief. 

We also had a weird contact when we received a letter that was meant for someone else. The first thing that caught my eye was the fact that it was all written in Russian. We found out that the letter’s original destination was only a few blocks away so we delivered it to the owner. We were surprised when the owner let us into his house and set us down at his table. Apparently, he is an Argentine, raised by Russians, and married to a Russian. His family goes to the Russian Orthodox Church, and his kids go to school in the Russian Embassy, and in fact, learn Spanish as a second language to the Russian. One of the kids couldn’t really talk to us because he only knew Russian. Anyway, we found ourselves in little Moscow! We talked for a bit and they said that they loved the missionaries, and will always invite us in. It was really a fun experience, and we hope to work with them a little in the future.

As far a culture goes, I finally took a picture of my favorite food from Argentina. It’s called a Choripan.  It’s sausage and if you want, you can put a sauce called chimichuri on it. It’s probably the most amazing thing this tongue has ever touched. We can buy it on the street, in a restaurant, but wherever it is, it is cheap! I’m drooling just thinking about it!

I can’t believe how fast Allie is! I took fifth my freshman year, but in the freshman race! Good for her! It looks like she is going to have a very fun Vista career! Any season that starts off like that makes it exciting! But please, when people ask if she is as fast as I was, inform them that she isn’t :) Just a little bit of Uncle Rico pride still in me! When I see pictures of Allie Running it makes me want to run competitively again.  I’ve always been like that.

Thanks for sharing the comments about what the Vista parents said about me when you saw them at Allie’s meet.  It’s good to know that I haven’t been forgotten, at least for now! It makes me feel good!

Anyway, I hope all of you are enjoying your lives. I know that Christ lives, he loves us. If we come to him, we will always be happier, all we have to do is let him in!

I love you all, I love this work, I hope all is well at home!

Until next week!

Elder Chipman

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