Monday, September 8, 2014

This proves that I don't only take pictures of food!

Hola Todos! ¿Como Andan?                                                              

Its been another great week in Adrogué Argentina! I just got your email about Allie! Way to go! She’s already kicking fanny.  She’ll be bored with the competition by her senior year!

This photo proves that I don’t only take pictures of food! Recently, I did joke with some Elders that about half of my pictures are about food in one way or another, but whatcha going to do?  I am learning a lot about cooking here. We don’t get lunches so we have to cook or buy. I’ve learned how to make biscuits and gravy, roasted chicken, homemade bread, mac and cheese, and other delicious stuff. The other day we had chicken quesadillas with guacamole! Very good!

We are preparing for transfers on Monday, and it looks like I’m staying put for another 6 weeks, which honestly I don’t mind at all! The office life is great, plus its still not super warm outside! We have a lot of investigators now, and it’s a fun time to be a registrador! Also we are on the verge of having a baptism which is the biggest reason why I am ok with staying. His name is Rodrigo and he is 14, and he practically lives with a member family in the ward. Last week we weren’t super positive if he was progressing, but this week during our meetings, he has been praying, reading, and growing his testimony little by little. It’s amazing how fast he is learning and it’s always a blessing to see the changes that happen to those who choose to follow Christ. It’s truly a blessing that we are able to teach him.

Life here is pretty fun! Elder Evans and I get up in the morning and run a little and play soccer. He’s the first comp that I’ve had in a long time that gets up on time, so it is fun to start the day like that! I think by the time this transfer ends, I will be ready to move on to other things. My mission is going quickly, so I’m excited for the new things afterwards too.

Our Hard work with proselyting is actually paying off! We are getting more and more investigators, and the Sisters are finding many to teach as well, so we are pretty excited! This ward is super nice to us, and its fun being apart of it!

We are also visiting with a few others, but most of our time this week has been organizing mail, supplies, and things like that, getting ready for Transfer Meeting on Monday. Over half of the mission is being transferred, and about 24 new missionaries are coming from the MTC, so we are super excited for that!

Overall, I’m very happy! I’m tired, but it is because missionary work is exhausting stuff. I feel the spirit everyday, I get along with my companion, I like the assignments I have, honestly, what’s there to complain about!

I hope you have a great week! I love you, miss you, and look forward to eating scones with you soon!

Just want to close this week by saying that Christ lives and loves us. He is our Savior and our friend, and he will help us if we are willing to listen.

I love you all!

Elder Chipman

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