Saturday, August 2, 2014

I really like it here in Argentina

Familia Bustamante con Asado!
Well, How is it going?  

It’s been another great week in Adroguè Argentina!

I really don’t have much to say this week. It’s been super busy but fun! We’re really trying to get out and teach, but keep up with work in the office. Its a juggle. But we try! Elder Evans is really cool and we get along well. Its funny because he went to High School in Utah, but before he lived in California. With that he says he’s from California because if he says Utah, all of the members role their eyes and say La Fabrica, which means the Factory. When they ask where I am from and I say Colorado, they all still think that the Grand Canyon is in my home state, but I just kinda gave up on that. I am working hard trying to get things done while teaching Elder Evans how to do things in the office at the same time! He`s a super quick learner though and very excited to work, so I think that we are going to have a lot of success! This week begins Zone Conferences so we will be giving materials to all of the missionaries this week, and we might be able to sneak a capital trip if possible. So it should be fun.

Sounds like it was fun in New York! You even got to try empanadas so you can get a taste of what I eat probably at least once a week! When I get home I can cook you up some Argentine ones, but I just got to get the recipe down first! This week I mastered my Donut recipe and I have my Latin pench mates gushing over them. Makes me feel like a master chef!

I don’t know if anybody would hug and cry  for me if I walked into my wards here like people did for Megan in New York, but I hope that what I learn in the office will help make me a better missionary so I can serve better when I leave the offices. I still have time, but it’s amazing how 10 months doesn’t seem very long anymore. I’m still trying my hardest, and improving or at least trying to everyday!

Dad, thank you for telling me about our heritage because it is interesting. I like the fact that we had people in all of American History! We had them in Plymouth, Barnstable, Cape Cod, Revolutionary War, and we left our traces throughout the history of our nation. So I’m pretty solidly American Blood thorough and through!

Teaching is slow. Really slow. We knock on doors but we all know that it is a slow and discouraging way to find people. It’s all we got right now. We have a goal to get a baptism this transfer and find a family to teach. So we hope to be able to find a few people to teach this week! We know that there is always a family out there, we just need to find them!  We are super obedient so I think we will start to see miracles. Just when you pray for me ask for some guidance on where to look for find investigators to teach.

With the Bustamante family, we are still working with them. They made us a delicious asado today with homemade chimichurri (Argentine Vinaigrette for MEAT!) And it was a very stomach filling experience. They are still progressing and moving forward in their progression toward being sealed in the temple. And everyday, more and more of their grandkids come in and listen. It’s only a matter of time!

Anyway, I really like it here in Argentina! It’s fun, cool, adventurous, and all of the fun stuff! I’m sorry this letter is short, but like usual, materials, mail, and cell phones usually doesn’t make headlines, but it keeps me busy. Its weird to think that I’m might already be finishing my final transfer in the offices, but we’ll see. Whatever my plan is, I’m up for it! 

I had a really good week! It’s been busy and fun! I love being a missionary. It’s hard, but rewarding! I will have other bad weeks and hard times, but as for now, I’m doing pretty well! Elder Evans runs with me every morning, so that might also help!

Thanks for your prayers and letters! I love you! Miss you! And look forward for the big hug! 

Until next week

Elder Chipman

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