Sunday, October 12, 2014

wacky spring with hot & humid to cold & rainy

Hola Todos!                                                                           

How’s it going!

It’s been a great week in Adrogué Argentina! The weather is wacky as it is spring and it’s been really hot and humid to cold and rainy. But we get used to all of the changes as we continue along!

It’s been a pretty mellow week as we continue to move forward with the transfer. Usually week 5 is slow as an office Elder, but because we didn’t have internet, it made a slow week even slower. We were able to, however, find a few people to teach. We found a man named Alberto who is retired but still travels around and sings at parties. He’s an interesting guy who loves to talk about religion. He’s a real "Gaucho", which is an Argentine Cowboy. He always has on his cowboy stuff and on Thursday we showed us a giant pot that he uses to make Gizo, which is a type of stew. Seriously, I probably could’ve fit in his pot! I guess he’s used to having a lot of guests.

Also, after a service activity, we were finally able to teach Rodrigo´s Mom. She is pretty set on coming to church tomorrow, as long as it doesn’t rain. But she will also be bringing her two daughters! We hope to continue to teach this family.

As for the Meet the Mormons movie, we’ve seen the trailer and wish to see it, but alas, we don’t have it here... Cool story though. I think I met the Bishop from Atlanta. In fact, I think he became a Stake President. He was the Stake President when I was there a year ago. He can speak Spanish, so he came to the branch I was in for a “linger longer” and enjoyed some food! So there are connections. I would like to see the movie when I get back home.

It sounds like it was a mucky race for Allie at leagues, but leagues was never my favorite race anyway. Regional’s is always dry and hot, so Allie should look forward to that. Plus I always ran on that course well the second time, it’s a fun and fast one, so she should look forward to that one. Plus, she might as well go out with the top girls and see what happens, I mean, why not right? That’s why we have races before state, to experiment!

As for funny stories this week, we were playing sports with the young men this afternoon, and one of them asked if they could use the basketball. We let them but went back to playing soccer on the other side of the court. When I looked back they were just playing soccer with the basketball in the end. Apparently they tried to play, but the ball was too heavy, so they went back to what they knew best! 

So as for how I feel about transfers… It’s a little weird and scary because I haven’t worked like a normal missionary for more than 5 months. I have also gotten along well with my companions and so its always scary going into transfers because you never know who you will wind up with. I’m excited because like you said, I feel like the end is coming near, and so I have a chance to work hard until that point! I am sad to leave the office staff and it is fun to be in the office. I will miss the washing machine, and the p-days on Saturdays, but I know that I will adjust quickly. I have no idea what will happen, but I wouldn’t mind a little challenge, we’ll see what happens though!

Something that I have learned on my mission is that I noticed that when there seems to be an impossible amount of stuff to get done, there is a guiding feeling that helps me prioritize and accomplish what needs to be done. I have a feeling Nephi felt like getting the plates was an impossible task for him, but he knew the Lord would take care of him, so he went into Jerusalem not knowing what he should do. Sometimes I just need to get my hands dirty and trust that it will all be ok. And it always is, no matter how many things I have going on, I always look back a few weeks later and realize that the hard times have already passed. These are things you guys already know because they are things that you taught me, but hey, at least you can hear them again.

As for my birthday, all you have to do is enjoy “Meet the Mormons”, pray that we find a family in my area this week, and in my new area, and, if you’d like, you can buy the movie “Man of Steel” and have it ready for my welcoming party in May :) That’s it!

Other than that, it’s been a pretty slow week! We hope to pick things up again next week! Maybe we will even have some baptismal dates in a week from now! Thanks for all of the support! I love you guys! Have a good week! Cheer Allie on this week for me!


Elder Chipman

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