Monday, January 12, 2015

I've been transferred to Alejandro Korn!

Hola Todos! Como Estan?

It’s been a crazy week with a lot of ups and downs. First off, I got transferred! After only 12 weeks in Tolosa, I was called to serve as a zone leader in Alejandro Korn area in the Longchamps Stake. I don't know a lot about it, but its out in the campo (farmland). We have bikes and it should be a really fun place to serve. My new companion is  Elder Flinders from American Fork, Utah. He is one of those guys that nobody has anything bad to say about him. It’s going to be great! Plus, I'm in a Zone with a lot of my friends, like Elder Cobb! So I'm excited. Me and my companion are leaders for about 20 other missionaries.  The funny thing is that there were more sisters in my last district of La Plata, than in my whole zone in Longchamps! It should be a lot different but fun. I don´t know what Zone Leaders do, but I'm going to find out I guess…  I’m excited!  Honestly, it will probably be the last area of my mission.

We ended the transfer with a bang though. Ignacio still isn't really progressing like he was before, but his sister is now super interested and promised to come to church on Sunday! That being said, I'm no longer there in Tolosa. I will miss Ignacio and his family. They said that if I come by to visit after my mission, they would make me an asado, and would enjoy talking to me wearing only my jeans and a t-shirt. They are a great family.  I will miss Tolosa, it was a beautiful place and I hope to return someday to see the people who live there again. What a blessing it is to serve in such an amazing mission!

I feel very blessed. Earlier this week, I was doubting if I was really helping the Lord's Kingdom. But when my companion shared what he learned in studies, he read a part when Moroni was sad because he couldn't write like the Brother of Jared. Moroni was a powerful writer who wrote one of the most quoted scriptures in our religion (Moroni 10:3-5) but yet he still knew his weaknesses. I learned that it doesn't matter what we do in comparison to others.  In the last day, it will be  just  between me and the Lord and so nothing else will matter.

As missionaries in the area, we learned that the church is adding a new mission here in Buenos Aires come July.  It will be called the Buenos Aires East mission and it will take from our mission all of the La Plata zones as well as the coast along with other zones from the other missions of the area.  My mission (Buenos Aires South) will add 3 zones from the West Mission. I don´t know how it is there, but in our mission, every stake is a zone. I'll already be home when it happens, but it will be fun to see how it shakes out.

Thanks for all of the love and support! And yes, I feel very old in the mission if Kinsey McNevin is leaving this week for her mission.

Have a great week!

Elder Chipman

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