Thursday, January 8, 2015

Rather stressful week.....

How's it going everybody?

We had a pretty eventful week, filled with its ups and its downs. New Years was fun because in La Plata, they build giant statues of paper mache, fill them with fireworks, and light them on fire. We weren't able to see any, but we definitely heard them! They also don´t sleep at all here, just a bunch of music and fireworks all night long. Let’s just say we didn't get a lot of sleep this week!

It sounds like you had a very fun week  in Colorado, but Cold! It was actually a little colder here this week which I enjoyed, but the temperatures are rising once again. So it will be fun.

I had a pretty stressful week. Ignacio is passing through an interesting time and with a few more issues than we anticipated, so it might be a while before he gets baptized. We were able to teach him everyday, but despite our efforts, it’s still very hard for him to quit smoking.

To add to my stressful week, it seems like all of the hermanas (sisters)  in my district are having some sort of problem, and everyone is asking me to help them. I’m not supposed to talk to them, so helping them can be difficult. I guess I have to come up with a super good district meeting that helps the needs of each and every one of them.

The Lord has helped me a lot recently. At the end of Saturday I just opened my scriptures to the Doctrine and Covenants to find help, and every page I flipped to had something to help me and motivate me. It was a tender mercy that also helped me understand that I can do it. The Lord assigned me as a District Leader here with Ignacio as an investigator because he knows it will cause me to stretch, but that I can do it.

The miracle of the week was when one of our plans fell, we went to visit a nearby less active family, who has been battling a lot of problems. They were home, and after a few minutes of talking, it was apparent that they were still trying to make the decision if they would go to church or not. We then had a very powerful lesson with them about trials, and how if we press forward, we will overcome all of the trials that we have. The best feeling was when we walked in the chapel on Sunday, and they were already there, seated, waiting for the meetings to start, and they stayed all three hours. Its amazing to see the power that the spirit has on people, and what a blessing it is to see it first hand.

We are working hard, and doing what we can to strengthen the kingdom in Tolosa. We're finishing up another transfer this week, so if I don't write next week, it’s for a reason! But I don´t know if I´m leaving or if I want to leave, but I don't really have much to say in the matter, so whatcha going to do?!

I love you guys, hope you had a great week, and a very happy new year!

See ya in a bit!

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