Monday, January 26, 2015

The garage was an Evangelical Chapel

How’s it going?

It’s been a great week in Alejandro Korn. We are working very hard and getting very tan from the sun! Well, as tan as I can get with a white shirt and tie,that is! We've had some success and some disappointments, but overall, we are happy and moving along.

It’s different being a zone leader, and it’s been intimidating at times.  I just remember what the prophets have said, “Whom the Lord calls, He qualifies,” even if its step-by-step. So…...I'm making lots of mistakes, but it will come, or at least I hope so :)

Sarah´s (cousin) going to Tucson for her mission?! That´s going to be fun! It is great that she is still going to be home when I get there! Honestly, that sounds like a pretty fun and exciting mission. She´s going to love the Mexican Food!

A few days ago, one man let us in his home by opening up his garage. Once we entered, I realized that we were not entering just a normal garage. The pulpit at the far end wall as well as the benches helped me realize that we were in an Evangelical Chapel. The man that we were about to talk to was its Pastor. We ended up having a good lesson with them. While they weren't too interested, they were willing to accept a Book of Mormon.

We had many experiences like that this week, not necessarily in churches, but also with normal people who were strong in their faith. One thing that really stood out to me was their sincere desire for our salvation, as well as theirs. While they didn´t understand our doctrines, and at times, weren't too willing to listen to what they were, they were earnestly trying to help us grow closer to our Savior. I´m happy to know that there are many who are looking to care and help their fellow brother. The key to these great questions, "How do I find Salvation?" "Where can I find the truth?” and “How do I know?" is found in the Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ.

While there are many paths we can take, we can find the one that leads us to our Heavenly Father through the scriptures, including the Old and New Testaments. We must also consider the power and truth that comes from the Book of Mormon. Everyone who reads the Book of Mormon and ask our Heavenly Father if it is true, will know for themselves the divinity of its pages, and can know for themselves that Joseph Smith is a prophet, that Jesus is the Christ, and that we have a loving Heavenly Father. All we need to do is read, and ask of God (James 1:5).

Anyway, I invite all of you do read the Book of Mormon. It’s really a good book.

I hope you all have a great week!  I´m happy and healthy. In fact, the Lord has blessed me with a lot of strength and health during my mission, I haven't been sick in about a year. Not even the slightest sign of a cold. It is just one of the many blessings about being a missionary!

Love, Elder Chipman

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