Monday, September 23, 2013

Como Estan?

Como Estan?

Its been a great week here in Atlanta Georgia! We're teaching lots and slowly but surely progressing with our investigators. Again none of them came to church, which means we definitely need to do something about that this week! 
As far as interesting stories go, we went to visit one of our super investigators on Friday. Her name is Angela and we found her one of my first days here. We talked with her a little bit, and she's really been going through a rough time in her life. She said that sometimes she gets really sad and lonely, but every time she feels that way, we always knock on her door! That makes me feel good because it means I really have nothing to do with this work other than being obedient and working hard, the Lord will always put us where he needs us.
Angela has also been reading the book of mormon and is already near the end of 1 Nephi, and she says its a beautiful book, and she believes it to be true, now all we have to do is get her to church!
The Adversary has definitely been noticed this week, and we've had to do a lot of humbling and extra work, but we hope to come back and have a crazy successful week this week! 

Just something cool about where I am serving, there is an air-force base nearby so everyday there are these giant army planes that fly right over our heads! Its really loud, but I feel like a little kid again. Every time one flies over our heads, I can't help but gawk, its so cool!

Fall is also on the way! Its still hot and humid, but there is a chilled breeze in the air! 

Anyway! Hope all is going well at home and that y'all stay safe!

Love ya
Elder Stephen Chipman

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