Monday, September 9, 2013

It's been a great week here in Atlanta!

September 9,13


Hey Everybody! How goes it?


It’s been a great week here in Atlanta! We're getting a lot done and it’s been really fun! We have a lot of people with Baptismal Dates! We have one whose name is Gladis. We knocked on her door the third day I was here! It’s hard to get a hold of her which is difficult, but she came to church yesterday which makes it her second time! We also had an amazing lesson with a woman named Angela and her son Jordan. They were really interested and we set a date for September 28! Jordan said afterward that he believes everything happens for a reason, and knows that we were sent to him and his mom for a reason! So that was really exciting to see!


As far as Spanish goes, people still have no idea what I'm trying to say, but I can't understand them that well either! Actually it is getting better! I'm slow, but I can say what I need to, and I understand about 50% of what people say, which is good!


On Wednesday I went on a companionship exchange! It’s when we switch companions with another group of Elders. I went out with Elder Owens, a brand new Missionary from Sugar City Idaho! He only speaks English, so I really had to take the lead in a lot of conversations, or I guess, most of the conversations. I gained a lot of confidence from that and it really helped me feel better about Spanish! We talked to a lot of people and it was really cool!


Anyway, hope all is well where ever you are! I'll let y'all know if I get a visa or not, I guess we'll see!



Elder Chipman

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