Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Given y'all insight on my creative diet

Mission Facebook picture of  the transfer meeting
Hi everyone! Its been a good week down here in Georgia! They put me back with the Spanish Branch, which is awesome, but it only reminds me of how much Spanish I have to learn before I go to Argentina! I'm back with Elder Bakes and we've decided to walk and bike around instead of share a car with other Elders, so we get nice and sweaty every day!

Yesterday we were asked to work through Labor Day so that's why my letter is coming today, but I'm very grateful we did. Everybody was home. We were able to teach tons of lessons and bless many lives. I think I might be a little spoiled now and might be disappointed when someone doesn't open the door, but it was a great experience for the day!

Other than that the work is moving forward. As a mission we baptized 56 people in the month of August, and there are hundreds more who have a date scheduled! The work is really moving forward here in the South and I'm grateful that I can be apart of it.

I'm just grateful for the opportunity that we have to see miracles everyday. The funny thing is, is that I've seen miracles everyday my whole life, and I just didn't see them. Our Heavenly Father really loves each and every one of us, and he shows us everyday, we just need to look for the little things that he does to help us along in our lives.

Anyway enough preaching--I want to let y'all know what I usually make for myself, maybe I don't want my dad to know this, but I even find it a little amusing. There are 5 major food groups as a missionary. Quesadillas, Hotdogs, Pasta, Peanut butter, Toast, Hot Sauce. Usually I combine a couple of these to make some delicious meals, (yes I've had a hotdog and peanut butter sandwich, not that bad!) But this is what keeps my engine running right now. Just thought I would give y'all that insight!

Hope all is well, and I love you all!

Elder Chipman

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