Monday, September 30, 2013

Life is still going good...

Hola Todos!

Its been another great week here in Marietta Georgia! We've been teaching the gospel and seeing a lot of miracles everyday! We are continuing to teach Angela and Gladis, and continue to find new people who have been prepared to listen.

First off, there has been a new rule given out that we are to have mail sent directly to our apartment and not to the mission home. SO if you sent a letter this week, I probably won't get it until transfer meeting next Wednesday. Here's my apartment Address

Elder Stephen Burgoyne Chipman
1788 Austell Rd. Apt. E2
Marietta GA, 30008

Honestly, you probably shouldn't send anything after Wednesday, because if I don't get sent to Argentina this week, I will probably be transferred somewhere else in Georgia.

Honestly nothing out of the ordinary has happened this week. We had a lesson with Angela on Tuesday and we brought a member, Hermano C. He is this old retired Costa Rican who we like to call the "Camacho Bomb" because whenever we bring him to lessons, he just goes off, and teaches the Doctrine of Christ like nothing else. Anyway, we taught Angela about Faith, and she committed to come to church. She didn't come, but we'll keep working with her.

The rest of our lessons went a lot like that. Life is still going good, and I love being a missionary. It is the rare opportunity that I have to bare my personal testimony everyday, and in a different language! I feel the spirit direct my life and its just a great feeling! 

Hope all is well at home, I love you all!

Elder Chipman
Found the graffiti right outside our apartment door on Tuesday!
We literally are the only white kids in the complex.

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