Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Argentina isn't the healthiest place

Alejandro Korn
Well, its been another great week in Alejandro Korn!

Honesty,  the news you sent about Qdoba having a smothered burrito with queso sauce is probably the greatest thing that I´ve heard for a while! I can´t wait to not pay extra for Guacamole too. Now there literally is nothing that the other restaurants have that Doba doesn´t. That´s why its the best :) So put that on the list of things to do when I get home.

My companion plans on playing baseball when he gets back to BYU, and so every morning we do this jump workout that is supposed to help your vertical and quickness. I do it with him just for fun, and I think it will help strengthen my legs so that getting back into shape won't injure me the first week. II still want to be a part of athletics because I miss it a lot. I am pretty sure I will give running another chance, but I am even bigger than I used to be. I'm a little embarrassed, and hope to lose some weight before it’s all over, but we'll have to see. Argentina isn't the healthiest place.

This weekend was Carnival and consequently, our p-day was moved to Wednesday because Monday and Tuesday were national holidays. It’s the same holiday that is celebrated in Brazil, but this is only the second year they have participated in it. From what I´ve heard and seen, it’s the day where they say that God closes his eyes and won´t see any of the sins we do. Let’s just say, I'm not jealous that we don't celebrate it in the United States on such a big scale.

Other than that, we had a week of ups and downs. Good things are happening, and many people are starting to progress, whether they be investigators or less actives. It’s a great feeling when somebody walks into the church who hasn't done so in a long time. We also have seen others of whom we have been working with make some unfortunate decisions, which honestly makes us sad. One guy showed up to an interview really drunk, so we have to start again with him.  He is already re-motivated and ready to try again.  With that being said, we are able to keep moving forward, and overcome the adversities that we have to deal with.

I was able to study an account in the Book of Mormon that caught my attention. It’s the classic story of Ammon defending the flocks at the waters of Sebus. When the flocks were scattered the first time by a mob of robbers, Ammon´s co-servants began to weep and fear exceedingly. The King had killed the other servants who allowed his sheep to be scattered, and so they were expecting the same thing to happen to them. Ammon on the other hand, was filled with joy, because he knew that he could use this experience to show the Lord's power and help his fellow servants come to know the gospel. While the servants feared because of their own experience, Ammon trusted the Lord.

There is only one person whom has never failed us and that is our Savior Jesus Christ. In that case, he is the only logical person whom we should trust with all of our hearts because he will always lead us to the path that brings happiness and peace. With that comes the responsibility to act. Ammon, after helping his fellow servants gain confidence, went and searched for the scattered flocks. He did not wait for the Lord to show his power, but acted in order to show the Lord's power.

So there you have it.  Faith without works is dead but the foundation of all works is faith. The two are necessary and if we use them both we will see the hand of the Lord in our lives.

I love you guys, thanks for always supporting me and praying for me, your prayers are felt and seen everyday!


Elder Chipman
My district

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