Monday, February 23, 2015

One more transfer with Elder Flinders

Hola Todos!

Well, its only been a few days since my last letter, so there isn't too much to report. It was a good week and we look forward to another one. This week we went on a bunch of exchanges to finish off the transfer. Elder Flinders and I are staying one more transfer together in Alejandro Korn! I´m happy with that,  and we should have lots of success. It’s his last transfer and but I think he plans on working hard to the end.  He is not one to quit.

We have a few investigators that are now progressing, and its been a good week overall. Sebastian made a comeback this week and even paid his tithing. We think that we will try to set a date for him in a month and see what happens!

This week I did a lot of pondering about priorities. As missionaries, we have the blessing of visiting many people in their homes. We listen to their problems or questions, and try to help them and invite them to follow Christ. Many times we are confronted with reasons why they can't do all that their Savior has asked them to do. Some of them are weak, but others are real important questions. Now I realize, that I am in a position where I don't have to worry about other demands in life like work, job, callings, family. I am blessed with the allotment of time to think and work 100% for the Lord without many other distractions. But in the end, from this perspective, I am able to see the blessings the Lord has waiting for us if we are willing to do what we need to follow him. When we put the Lord first in our life, everything else will fall into place. My companion, Elder Flinders, puts it like this:  If you want  to be a doctor, who knows the more about the human body than its creator? If you want to be a basketball player, who knows how to play basketball better than our Father in Heaven? "Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven". If we put the Lord first in our lives, everything else worthwhile will be influenced for the better.

Anyway, thanks again for all of your prayers and support. I love you guys!

Elder Chipman

Picture: This is Hermana Nina. We live right behind her house and she´s the one that washes our clothes and gives us really good food like that pizza :)

PS: your comment about Buenos Aires: There really isn't a place flatter than the Buenos Aires South Mission. I haven't seen a single hill since I got here. But it makes biking easier!

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