Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I wouldn't be in any other place right now!

That was a quick week!

Well it sounds like the weather isn't  too different there than it is here and we are in the middle of summer! Well, I mean that it’s sunny at least. It’s been a super hot, but we're enjoying it. Whenever I get tired of the heat, I just think of how I didn't want to go to Russia, so I brought this on myself.

Honestly, it’s been another great week in Alejandro Korn. We are working hard and doing what we can to teach the gospel here in Argentina. We had to drop a few investigators this week, which is always sad, but then there are always new options. We have been going through the old investigators in our area book, and have found a few gems. We hope to continue teaching them, and we have some follow up lessons with them tonight.

On Sunday, our good friend Sebastian came in with a white shirt and tie! He´s been investigating for over a month now, but is really making progress. It’s great seeing him change and improve as he continues to learn more. We hope that he chooses to be baptized in a few weeks.

In my studies this morning, I came across an interesting story that really helped me understand more about the sacrifice of our Savior Jesus Christ. I was reading in Mosiah in the Book of Mormon, about Alma the Younger. The chapter starts out by describing Alma.  He wasn't  just a rebellious teenager, but he was also described as the vilest of sinners, idolatrous, and really evil. He wasn't just against the church of God, but sought to destroy it. While in the process of seeking to destroy the church of God, Alma and his friends were confronted by an angel, whose voice shook the earth, and who called Alma to repentance. This event astonished Alma to the point that he collapsed as though he were dead. For three days, he lay in this state,  and then on the third day he rose again. Alma was a new man, and he said that he had been born again. He then gives a powerful testimony of Christ, and then went about to undo the wrongs which he had done in the past.

This story is a very surprising and powerful witness of the change that can take place in a man´s heart, if willing to repent and use the Atonement of Jesus Christ. In my opinion, what is even more amazing is that this isn't the only example in the scriptures of  a sinner becoming born again. In the Book of Mormon, we can also see Alma’s father named Alma, Zeezrom, and Enos. In the Bible we can see the life of Paul. All of which are very strong and real testimonies that there is no heart that cannot be healed, and there is no sin that cannot be erased by the powerful Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ.

I know that Christ lives and I have felt his love and the cleansing atonement in my life. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to teach His gospel so that others may feel the same way.

Thanks for all the support, I love you All! Have a good week! I´m doing well and I’m super happy.   I wouldn't be in any other place right now. Life is good!

Elder Chipman

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