Monday, December 9, 2013

Being hot and eating watermellon in December!

Thanks for your letters this week! It’s been super hot here and only getting hotter, but I´ve always loved the heat better than the cold, so I´m ok with it!
Dad, you´ll be proud of me, I figured out a way to exercise really well in the morning. Outside our pension is a staircase of 17 stairs. I run up and down, do an exercise, run up and down, do an exercise for 10 minutes. Honestly I´ve gotten a little chubby during this time so I hope this helps, but I think it will, plus I´ll be able to run outside!
As far as the Christmas Devotional goes, it is being shown here next Sunday. I guess they have to translate it into Spanish. But we´re taking investigators so we get to enjoy it too!
So funny story: Right after we emailed last week, we finished up with a little grocery shopping. When we started it was a beautiful sunny day, when we finished, seriously, it was as dark as night. Giant Dark clouds filled the sky. We quickly walked to the bus stop and while we were waiting the storm came. There was a ferocious wind, and giant drops of water. The cover over the bus stop didn´t do any good because the rain was coming at us sideways anyway. Finally a bus came and we enjoyed the refuge from the storm. The storm only lasted about 15 minutes, but it did a ton of damage. There were trees blocking major roads, and telephone and electric lines lay in the streets. Nearly our entire zone lost electricity and water for about 3 days. Our pension was one of the lucky few who didn´t lose anything.

The next couple of days were really frustrating, because when the power goes out, the people go on strike and cut the roads. They literally take tires and barricade the road by lining them up and lighting them on fire. So the buses can´t travel anywhere. They even cut off the major freeway that connects Banfield to the capital.
Luckily after about 4 days, the majority of people received electricity and stopped blocking the streets, so things are back to normal.
Elder Suarez and I had an amazing week filled with miracles, but the coolest one is that we found a family! We were just walking down the street from one place to another when a woman and her daughter called us over. They literally started by saying ´When can you come and teach us a lesson´ We didn´t know what to say to that, but we were able to make a time for a return appointment. On our first visit we walked in and they already had a picture of the Salt Lake Temple hanging on their wall. Apparently their cousin is a member and took them to see the temple, there they felt the peace the comes with the temple, and they decided they wanted to find out more. So, they found us! They are a beautiful Bolivian family of 7, and all of them attended church on Sunday! They got two popped tires while traveling to church and even though they were an hour late, they still came! The ward took them in super well, and it was just beautiful!  The Lord has blessed us with the opportunity to teach this family, and I feel so happy.
Our other investigators are doing very well also! As of right now, we have 9 people with a date for baptism, and we keep on finding others to teach! The lord is really blessing us with this opportunity to help many people.
Cool Thing, The Bishop here actually speaks English very well, and he is really dedicated to the missionaries. He offered to help me study Spanish the same way he learned English, and so I´m really blessed to have him.
Also, while all of you are freezing your tails off, just don´t think about the fact that I´m quite comfortable here in the warm sun chowing down on Watermelon! It is a little weird eating watermelon in December, but I can get used to it!
It’s been a great week, and I can´t wait to tell what happens this week!
I love you all! hope you´re all doing great!
Elder Chipman
Pictures of Budge

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