Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I love my ward :)

Hi Everyone!                                                                                                      Dec. 16, 2013

It sounds super busy with Megan being home, but super fun and exciting! Hopefully she gets better soon. And that´s really sad about Arapahoe, its so close and we know a ton of people close to that school, its just sad that it really is a normal thing.

It’s still really hot and sweaty, but I´m starting to get used to that. And this Saturday we had a church activity to celebrate Christmas! We arrived a little late, about 30 minutes after it started and only about 10 people were there. We were a little worried. But at about 2 hours after the designated time, everyone started to show up! We had the Alanez family (The ones that we found last week) and Adriana as well! 

The youth had an awesome Christmas Pageant and we ate Asado and had a great night!

I also had the opportunity to talk in Church yesterday about Family Home Evening. Right before I got up, the bishop told me that I only had 10 minutes. I thought to myself that since this talk was in a different language, that wouldn´t be too much of a problem. And it wasn´t. I was able to say what needed to be said and it was not 10 minutes, so it was practically perfect in every way. Too bad there were only about 30 people there because they all stood up late the night before at the Christmas party.

My Spanish is getting a lot better and I can get through a lesson without problem, its normal everyday things that trip me up right now, but things are getting better! A lot better!

With all that is being said, I do feel my savior’s love and I am starting to love the ward I´m serving in. The people are really nice and the Bishop is awesome. He helps me study my language on Thursdays and he is very understanding.  I´m learning a lot about how to be a good missionary, and about the gospel, and I continue to have tender mercies that literally tell me to just keep going. Like I had the opportunity to play the piano alone when Elder Suarez was in a baptismal interview (He´s the district leader) I said a silent prayer for help and opened the hymn book to a random page. It was in Spanish so I just started to play the song and hoped that I would recognize it. It turned out to be ´Carry on´. Pretty direct message.

Overall it’s been another fast week here in Budge! Hope all is well at Home! It’s hard to think that Megan is home, and now I´m the only one away, but I get to skype with you in about a week! Have fun with Megan, but not too much fun, you have to save some for me too!

Love you all!

Elder Chipman

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