Monday, March 9, 2015

Recipe for happiness

Well, it’s been another great week in Alejandro Korn! What more is there to say? That and Peyton Manning is returning this next season to play for the Broncos.  I'm ok with that! I would take an old Peyton Manning over Tim Tebow anyday. I had more stress during those games than I have felt during my whole mission!

Our investigator Andres is doing very well! We were able to teach him about the word of wisdom, and he fully understood it and said that he was willing to live it. We passed by a few days later, and he hadn´t smoked or drank alcohol in that period of time. He´s making giant strides and is excited to be baptized in a few weeks. Our other investigators are doing well too. Sebastian is still working out some problems, but every time we visit, he is more and more animated to do what is right. Overall, things are going really well.

I was also able to go on an exchange with my mission friend, Elder Hansen, this week. We taught a less active member the Ten Commandments. The spirit that we felt in that  simple lesson really surprised me. I expect to feel the spirit when we teach of the First Vision, the Book of Mormon, or the Plan of Salvation, but this simple lesson about the Ten Commandments helped me realize the importance of the small and simple things, and the importance of being obedient to all of the commandments that the Lord gives us. Sometimes we forget that it is by small and simple things that great things come to pass. Obedience includes not only the big commandments, like "Thou shalt not Kill" or "Thou shalt not Steal", but it also keeping the sabbath day holy, and honoring one's parents. I like to think what would happen if we all kept only just these 10 commandments. The world would change for the better! The commandments are the recipe of happiness, and they help protect us from the unwanted consequences that come from poor decisions.  In the scriptures we are promised not only happiness in this life, but eternal life in the life to come. Sounds pretty good if you ask me!

Other than that, life is pretty good, we are working hard, and I´m able to run in the mornings, so I´m happy. I ran about 3 miles this morning, so there has been some  improvement. I did the math the other day and I was going about 6:15-6:20 pace. Now granted I am still at about -50 feet below sea level and I was pretty gassed afterwards, but still, I'm happy that I don't have to start ALL over again. Besides that, everything seems to be working out well right now. There are always challenges, and sometimes I feel so tired that I can't even get out of my chair, but everytime I do, its always worth it.

Thanks for all of your support and prayers, I love you guys and hope you have a good week!

Elder Chipman

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